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Lonato - Italy / 13.-17.February 2019

The year 2019 is not yet old, but it was already very busy for Daniel GREGOR.
At the beginning of the year, Daniel was again able to do so on the 5th of January in Bad Dürkheim
receive the winner's trophy for the best kart driver of the ADAC PFALZ.

In the 2 week of January it was announced that Daniel will be in the new season this season
Kart Team - Junior Team75 - under the Team75 Motorsport GmbH by the reigning
Automobile world champion Timo Bernhard will start at the start.
Then it went to a first "rollout" to Italy. This showed problems
with the seat. Very severe rib pain led to a premature termination of the test drives.
After a professional consultation, Daniel flew to England and got one
make tailor-made rib protection.

In the 3rd week of January the first studio day at ANTENNE Pfalz RADIO 94.2 took place.
There, the Daniel will report at irregular intervals from the races this season.

In the meantime Daniel has been equipped by sparco / Italy, by the team sponsor.

On the 1st of February the test drives started in Lonato / Italy. At a total of 8
Test days, the new material, engines, chassis, seats and much more was sorted out and
Voted. Not always nice but helpful were the different weather conditions.

Well prepared, the team went with Daniel, then on February 13, for the first race to Lonato.
The traditional "WINTERCUP" was absolutely top set. In the class OKJ 88 juniors were out
30 countries at the start. All workeas, all top teams, all top riders from all over the world from Australia
to Brazil were in Lonato for a first showdown on site. From Germany were
astonishingly many (11) drivers. Early summer temperatures gave best track conditions.
During the free practice sessions, it was clear that the good training results also lasted internationally
had. Daniel has always been in the top 15.
So it went on Friday in the time training. The new CIK rule demands permanent ones this year
Engine rest in the paddock !! When driving out on the track Daniel immediately noticed that the engine only
slow and had to go back to the pits. Spark plug defective! Last place at 88 starters - a disaster !!
The driver quality is no longer catch up.
In the heats, Daniel has given everything, partly overtook 19 drivers, drove 2nd and 3rd fastest lap times
and so piece by piece in the direction of Superheat forward. In Superheat he had to due to the
Reglements start again from the back and has raced forward again, until 4 laps before the end
the engine has lost more and more power and thus the entry into the final was no longer possible.
The finale has reached no German. The winner was Andrea Antonelli of Team Rosberg / Kart Republic.

In March Daniel drives the next race to the BNL (BeNeLux Kart Championship) in Genk / Belgium.
We will be reporting.

Joachim Gregor
Leinsweiler, 27.02.2019
KÜS Team75 Bernhard works together with junior karting team
Youth forceful

The characteristic colors of the KÜS Team75 Bernhard will also be represented in karting from the coming season. The troupe from the Palatinate Bruchmühlbach-Miesau will work together with the Lanari Racing Team, which is racing on behalf of Team75.

First driver in the "Junior Team75" is Daniel Gregor from Leinsweiler. The 13-year-old will compete in the European Kart Championship, in the German Youth Kart Championship and in the ADAC Kart Masters. Hannes Janker (21) from Röthenbach, current champion of the World Series Karting (WSK), Vice World Champion and European Champion, will be the driver coach.

Timo Bernhard, owner of the KÜS Team75 Bernhard, reigning long-distance world champion and two-time Le Mans overall winner, sees the Junior Team75 as a kind of substructure for his team projects. The 37-year-old Porsche works driver, who is also the patron for the ADAC Pfalz support squad, can bring a great deal of experience and know-how in karting. After all, in 1991 he had started his successful career, supported by his father Rüdiger, in karting and already had great success there.

Timo Bernhard: "I think it's great that the Team75 colors will now also be represented in karting. Together with my father, I have a strong connection to karting, which plays a key role as a classic substructure for professional motorsport. Team Lanari and our first driver Daniel Gregor are a stable constellation for the first year of Junior Team75. And I think that the package will be interesting for other drivers as well. "

Daniel Gregor: "The news that I am allowed to race for Junior Team75 this year was the best Christmas present I can imagine. Behind this team stands so much success and motorsport competence, the cooperation with Timo Bernhard, Klaus Graf and Rüdiger Bernhard motivates me especially. I can not wait until I'm allowed to sit in the kart again. "

Text: Peter Schäffner
Photos: Joachim Gregor
05. January 2019 ADAC Pfalz Motorsport 2018 As usual, the ADAC honors its most successful motorsport drivers at the beginning of the new year. Also included is Daniel Gregor. Daniel Gregor was pleased with the overall victory -1st place Pfalzmeister in the category car karting. Daniel: ..... Many thanks to the ADAC to the ADAC team Pfalz for the good support. Thanks to the ADAC driver support, I met Timo Bernhard and in 2019 I'm going to start for Junior Team75 from Team Bernhard. How great is that .... !! Picture 1: Award Ceremony Bad Dürkheim 2019 Picture 2: Picture with Rüdiger Bernhard -Teamchef Team75 Motorsport.
Daniel Gregor has a new partner in the field of media / marketing. The radio station <Antenne Pfalz 94,2> will report with and about Daniel in 2019! The first day of the studio with studio manager and moderator Tobi Rinker Daniel has already graduated!
WSK / World Series Final 2018 MORE PICTURES
Lonato - Italy
18th - 21st October 2018

In October, the world elite of kart drivers met for the WORLD SERIES FINAL 2018 in Italy / Lonato.
The juniors had 80 riders from 26 countries at the start. It was also Daniel GREGOR from
ADAC TEAM PFALZ / LRT RACING. The weather conditions were at late summer temperatures
ideal. Even before the event it was clear that the goal of reaching the finals, on Sunday only under
optimal interaction of driver, material and team can be achieved. In this regard,
Daniel GREGOR was able to thank Hannes JANKER (Vice World Champion, European Champion,
and WSK Champion 2018). Hannes JANKER will be Daniel in vehicle tuning in the future,
in the race strategy, in the evaluation of DataRecording and pictures advice.

So on Thursday Daniel was able to familiarize himself with consistently good, competitive times in the training sessions.
On Friday morning, in the first practice session, a driver turns with cold tires, finish start and finish and hurls
back to the track directly in Daniel. Daniel bounced his knee and the kart was a total loss.
Until qualifying, a new vehicle was built in a great team performance. However, Daniel lamented
a changed driving behavior. In qualifying he was still able to reach a midfield place as the best German
(15th Series 2). In the heats the voting on the kart was gradually refined. That's how he always was
continue to improve and drive up to 12th place at the end of the day.
After technically everything was sorted out well, Daniel was on Sunday morning in the WarmUp the 4th fastest
Time with 0.1sec on the fastest and was highly motivated for the finals. In Prefinale B Daniel became then
Outrageous 12. Unfortunately, he got a 3sec penalty and was moved back to 14th place.
The goal to reach the final was certainly achieved.
So Daniel is confident, knowing he can drive the times of the fastest in the finals. However, it did not come to the desired implementation. In the 2nd round, there was a mass accident in which 15 drivers
failed, unfortunately also Daniel GREGOR. After the knee, the arm was now blue and the second kart
absolutely total loss. The most painful but has the chance of an international top result
could not be implemented at the end of the season.

Daniel concludes: ".... unfortunately, the 2018 season had already started at the beginning after my accident in France and the shoulder fracture, but in the summer I was able to attack again at the OKJ and retake podiums.
Although I retired here in the final, I'm looking forward to 2019, because I know the speed with the best
I have the opportunity to travel internationally. Then next year I want to attack again and win the trophies
bring ......, now thank you, my team - LRT and all who supported me this year,
the ADAC Pfalz, especially the ADAC TEAM PFALZ and hope that we will continue working together next year
and have fun."

Leinsweiler, 29.Oct.2018
Joachim Gregor
31.08. - 02.09.2018

Relatively early, on the first weekend in September, teams and drivers met for the final of the ADAC KART MASTER 2018, in changeable weather conditions in ProKartRaceland in Wackersdorf.

In good summer weather on Friday Daniel Gregor was able to beat the 48.0 sec
mark by far the best time of day and register his claim to victory.

Under changeable weather conditions, dry, wet, wet, rainy were then on Saturday and
Sunday determined the results.
In qualifying Daniel was able to secure a good starting position with a 3rd place.
In the first race (Heat1) on Saturday Daniel drove after the start immediately to position 2 and has half of the
Race taken the lead. As 1st through the finish, but came after the "weighing" the disappointment.
Daniel was with 400gr. Underweight disqualified. A mistake of the team cost Daniel with it already
the 1st heat the possibility of the overall victory.
In the 2nd race (Heat2) on Saturday Daniel definitely had to achieve a good result and not miss out again
to limit damage. Shortly after the start Daniel was already 1 .. In the further course Daniel wanted
did not get involved in a duel with Ben Dörr and secured a 2nd place.
From start position 13 Daniel had to start then on Sunday in the first race. Since initially only the ideal line was dry, it was difficult to overtake. The lead group was then, as Daniel had advanced to # 7, already over 4 seconds away. In the last lap Daniel had to stop overtaking because of the yellow flag and so it stayed in 7th place.
The second race was then extremely difficult for all drivers. The race started with slicks when the rain started
started. After the start, Mesch and Kramer collided, causing Daniel to get into an unfavorable position and the drivers
Primm and Dörr immediately had a relatively large lead. Daniel finished the race with a 3rd place
Finish podium, but not satisfied.
Daniel: "…. the disqualification in Heat 1 cost me the pole position and with it the possibility of the overall victory! But that's just team sport and I'm sure that will not happen again! "
This completes the 2018 season in Germany at the beginning of September.
Daniel will be starting in Italy later this year at the WSK - WORLD SUPERKART FINAL.
In the middle of October we report from Lonato / Lago Di Garda.

Joachim Gregor
Leinsweiler, 12.09.2018
Timo Bernhard / TEAM 75
09.August 2018 / Landstuhl

In August, Daniel GREGOR visited Timo Bernhard at TEAM 75 in Landstuhl.

Timo Bernhard has the patronage together with the ADAC Team Pfalz for selected
Young driver taken. For Daniel it was very interesting to meet a star like Timo
Bernhard can talk about racing.
Timo Bernhard, the works driver of PORSCHE, won the big races:
Winner - 24 h - LeMans
Winner - 24 h - Daytona
Winner - 24 H - Nürburgring
Long Distance World Champion
and so much more!

Like Daniel, Timo Bernhard started racing with his kart. At 14, he was in
Kart - German Champion. Today Timo Bernhard has his own PORSCHE TEAM - TEAM 75. Together
The Porsche factory drivers also start with Kevin Estre this year with a PORSCHE GT3R in the
ADAC GT MASTER. Daniel Gregor won the ADAC KART MASTER in 2017 and started this year
again in the ADAC KART MASTER in class OKJ.
After the seat rehearsal in the current PORSCHE GT3R works car of the TEAM 75 Daniel was totally thrilled.
Daniel to Timo Bernhard afterwards ".... if you ever think of stopping racing then you can
call me anytime, I'll take the Driverseat right away !! "
With hearty laughter and pat on the back, Timo Bernhard said goodbye.
One sentence from Timo Bernhard was particularly memorable: "I have the hottest job in the world, but you have to
Remember, I'm sitting in the race car for the least time. To get this job is much more
to be able to drive fast. There's a lot more work around that! "
DJKM / Erftlandring - Kerpen
27th - 29th of July 2018

At the end of July 2018, 51 drivers from 12 nations met at the Erftlandring in Kerpen
in the junior class for the next race of the German Junior Kart Championship.
Thus the starting field was full and high-carat occupied.
Very hot temperatures and a lot of rubber on the track demanded everything from the
When he first started for the DKM, Daniel GREGOR's priority was to be sure
to qualify for the final. Without risk Daniel could then in the time training the
Secured 13th place out of 54 starters and thus had a good starting position for the heats.
In the heats was fought very hard, no one wanted to resign and the front was about
The Championship. Daniel was then in Heats 13th and 11th, giving him a starting place in the
Midfield on 17th brought.
Now the destination for Sunday has been redefined. Daniel was with his team boss
sure that a TopTen place is possible !!
In the first race on Sunday Daniel could not improve at the start and was
then held up too long by the frontmen. Until he had fought his way to 13th place
was the top group already too far away, so he came in 13 as the target.
In the final, he then started well from 13th place and was in the top ten from the start
and then could fight to sixth place !!
Daniel: "..... battling with the American in the last laps unfortunately has me too much
Time cost, otherwise I would have come to rank 5? "
Nevertheless, the team as well as the Daniel with a 6th place in the first DKM race was very
Now it's time to test with the new European champion (and current WSK winner)
Hannes Janker to Wackersdorf !! Daniel will be in on the first weekend of September
Wackersdorf at the final of the ADAC KART MASTER back at the start.

Leinsweiler, 10.08.2018
Joachim Gregor
KERPEN - Erftlandring
20th - 22nd July 2018

It was really hot last weekend in the proverbial sense of the ADAC KART MASTER
in Kerpen on the Erftlandring. With 34 pilots, including 11 top riders from another 5 countries,
the class OK-Junior was fully occupied, the positions were also very hot temperatures
hotly contested.
Daniel GREGOR started in Kerpen for the second time in the class OK Junior and was able to
Immediately after qualifying and the heats on the 4th starting place. That aroused clear
Podium claims. In the warm-up on Sunday morning he was then again all 3 and 1.
among the drivers in the ranking. In race one, he came back well to position 4 out of the
first round. Then the race was canceled somewhat overzealous and had to be restarted
become. Bergmeister in the front row, in front of Daniel, got away badly at the start and
Daniel has put it in a difficult starting position, where it is then in the first corner
equal to collisions came. In the end, Daniel only disappointed in the 12th overall place /
9th place in the ADAC classification.
In the next race Daniel started with a lot of anger "... I'll get that now
I drive to the podium ... "!
So said and then done so. From grid position 12 Daniel is then up to second place.
moved forward. Also in the daily ranking it made it to the podium, 3rd place!

Team Principal Steven Lanari: "A top performance for the second race! Most of them are behind you
already in the 2nd year with much more experience, in addition there are some very good drivers from the
Foreign countries that you could leave behind today. Congratulations! "

So, now it's time this week Thursday to Kerpen DKM. The Daniel starts
there again for the first time. We will report soon.

Joachim Gregor
Leinsweiler, 23.07.2018
Motorsport Arena Oschersleben
June 29 - July 1, 2018

At the end of June, the racers met in the Motorsportarena Oschersleben in midsummer
Temperatures for races 5 and 6.
As previously reported, Daniel GREGOR, after the team change, started for the first time in the class OK-Junior.
There was not much time to prepare for it. A day had to be enough to test the tires and engines
That's how Daniel was able to show his final training with an 8th place finish at the OKJ.
In qualifying you noticed then already the lack of knowledge with the tires. The 14th starting position was then
the starting position for the heats. In the first heat, Daniel was able to work his way up to 8th place, but was then shot down in the 7th round and could not finish the race. In the 2 Heat Daniel finished the run on the 9th place.
In the races 5 and 6 of the Master was again fought like wild. After multiple changes of position
Daniel then came in 10th and 9th in the classification. In the daily ranking this was the 9th place.
The driver:"……. Well, there is certainly still a lot of room for improvement at the next races
get better! "The team was satisfied with a TopTen result for the start in the class.

On July 20-22, 2018, the race continues in Kerpen with races 7 + 8 to the ADAC KART MASTER.
The following week, Daniel will have his first start at the DKJM in Kerpen.
We are curious and will report.

Joachim Gregor
Leinsweiler, 17.07.2018
June 11, 2018 NEW TEAM

After a good deal of thought, we have decided many discussions in the future
LRT - Lanari Racing Team to drive! Steven Lanari has been in the last few years
increasingly and very successfully focused on the OK class. That convinced us
starting now in class OKJ.
Daniel: "…. I am happy to be allowed to drive with Steven in the team LRT! I have only once now
an exciting time in front of me. A new team in a new class, in the middle of the season without much training .... I'm confident, but let's see what happens to me until October!? "My mechanic Rick changes to LRT, as I learned
my mechanic Stefan from last year is also at LRT. We know each other well and work
Great together, that will be fun again. So now it goes first to the ADAC Master
to Oschersleben ...
May 28, 2018 TEAM CHANGE

Good bye Team ZINNER!
After 4 years of very good and successful cooperation, the paths of Daniel GREGOR and Michael ZINNER are breaking up.
The entrepreneurial future planning of Michael ZINNER does not take into account any further professional activities in motorsport.
This completes the TEAM ZINNER after more than 30 years on the racetrack.
Michael ZINNER was very successful as a driver and team boss during this time.
Drivers like Marco Wittmann drove in his team.

Daniel: "Thank you Michael for the nice and successful time. 4 years ago I did the first laps with you in Lidolsheim. Everything I can do today, you have taught me. And that was not bad, together with you we have become the first year Junior ADAC Master winner. We have been on the podium more than 30 times and have won nearly 20 races. We had a lot of fun together and if I think about it that way, I'm at the next race in Oschersleben for the first time without you on the racetrack .... Let's see how it gets! I wish you all the best and hope that you visit me from time to time on the racetrack. "
EUROSERIES / Round 2 Mariembourg / Belgium 24.-27.May 2018

For the second race of the X30 EUROSERIES 41 pilots in class X30 Junior from 11 countries met in Mariembourg - Belgium at the end of May, even in very summer weather conditions.

Daniel GREGOR went into the heats after qualifying on the 7th place. In the heats, as always internationally fought for every meter wild. After a good start, Daniel was already in 2nd place in the second round, but then ended up in a gravelly duel in the following lap. So that went on in the heats 2 and 3, well driven, but without a usable result.

When fourth arrived, he was counted by time penalty then in 18th place. So Daniel had to start as 32nd in the Prefinale. With a good deal of anger, he was able to overtake 13 competitors and was then ranked 19th. From this starting place it went into the final. After he started well again, he was already in 12th position after 4 laps! In this round, he was pushed by his pursuer and Querquest, the next driver behind him was then drove him over the kart. The kart was broken after the collision and impassable. That was the end of the racing weekend for Daniel.

The successful and good cooperation with Team Zinner, especially with Michael Zinner, is also over in Belgium. Michael Zinner, a veteran of German karting, but says goodbye to over 30 years in professional motorsport and closes his team. He himself was a successful racing driver and many well-known racing drivers such as Marco Wittmann have been at the start for Team Zinner. We would like to thank Michael especially for the nice and very successful time together.

Daniel sat with Michael in Liedolsheim for the first time in 2014 in a racing map. Michael then taught Daniel everything in karting in 4 years, Bambini for 2 years and in 2017 the overall victory of the ADAC Kart Master in 2017 for the juniors. New entrepreneurial goals and tasks have led the Michael Zinner to leave the racetrack as team leader !! For us unfortunately the team boss but not the friend. Michael will continue to serve Daniel as a consultant.

The consequence of this is for Daniel, that after careful consideration, he now prefers the end of the season, planned change to the class OKJ. From the next race in Oschersleben Daniel will then start in class OKJ. Of course this is also to be seen in connection with the new team "LRT-LanariRacingTeam". Steven Lanari has been very successful in organizing the OK series and Daniel is pleased to be able to compete with LRT as OKJ rider. Daniel will of course be at the start of the ADAC KART MASTER races.

The next race will take place on 29.-01.July 2018 in Oschersleben.

Leinsweiler, 13.06.2018 - Text and photo: Gregor
ADAC KART MASTERS 2018 - Race 3 + 4 / Wackersdorf - 27.-29. April 2018

For the end of April, the ADAC has invited to the Pro Kart Raceland to Wackersdorf. The ADAC Ortsclub Würzburg organized a well-organized event under the best summer conditions. Unfortunately, this time only 15 starters at the X30 juniors have accepted the invitation to the ADAC Masters.

Thanks largely to the "rehabilitation measures", Daniel Gregor has started quite optimistic into the race weekend. But even in the qualifying session with 9th place expectations were somewhat subdued. As in Spain Daniel had with the unit - carburetor / engine - problems. With too little speed the whole weekend no good lap times were possible. In the heats this was the 5th and 9th place. That meant starting position 7 for the 3rd round of the championship.

After a very good start, Daniel was ranked third. Although the engine did not allow good lap times, Daniel took the lead for a few laps in a tough tackle. In the last lap he was then relegated to third place in the case of slipstream duels and through unpunished overtaking on the yellow flag. The race was won by Claudia Henning from Waldhofen.

The fourth race to the championship was a complete disaster for Daniel. Starting from grid position 3, Daniel already noticed in the introductory lap that the engine no longer had any power at all. So Daniel was then passed through in the course of the race up to 8th place. The race was won by Vincent Andronaco.

Overall leading in the championship is after 4 races Claudia Henning. Daniel Gregor is 5th in the overall standings. Daniel "... .. that was definitely a weekend to forget! So far, I am very dissatisfied with the results this season. I know that I can win, but the circumstances have prevented it so far !! The team Zinner makes me a victorious kart, the accident was fate, but we must certainly abolish the carburettor / engine problems. "

So the program is set, until the 2 race of the Euroseries has to be extensively tested to eliminate the problems. The next race for Daniel will be the 2nd round of the Euroseries in Mariembourg / Belgium 23.-27.May 2018. The heats and the races will be broadcast LIVE.

Leinsweiler, 03.05.2018 - Text: Joachim Gregor
ADAC KART MASTERS 2018 - 1st + 2nd race - 05.-07. April - AMPFING

For the 11th time the strongest Kartserie Germany in a new season. In the Bavarian Ampfing the riders meet in ideal weather conditions for the first two races. Due to the injuries caused by the accident at the European Championships in Salbris two weeks ago, the start in Ampfing was questionable for Daniel GREGOR until Thursday before the event. A short stress test while driving in Liedolsheim should be clarified in cooperation with the physiotherapist and the doctor. Then it rained and the experts were at a loss. Daniel, who really wanted to start, persuaded those responsible to start.

Due to the few starters (14 riders at the start), the motto was - arrive and collect points! Good for Daniel, but bad for the championship. Too many classes and championships in Germany provide for shrinking starter fields in the X30 juniors. Abroad, there are usually 50 to 70 riders in the X30 junior at the start! Already on Friday it has been shown that the physical performance is only good enough for 6 to 7 rounds. The 3rd place in qualifying was still the easiest task. In the first heat, after 2 laps on position 2, the race was over with an electric damage.
In the second heat, he could find himself with one on the air filter, then only in seventh place again. From place 9 he had to start then in the finals race. In the first race he was able to reach the third place despite the decreasing strength due to the pain. In the second race was then after interim leadership, after half of the race again the "air out" and more than a 4 place was not possible.

The first race was won by Valentino Catalano and the second race Linus Jansen. After 2 races, Daniel GREGOR now occupies the 4th overall place in the championship, under the stated conditions the damage was limited. With 8 more races this year everything is still open. On the 27th-29th of April the race continues in Wackersdorf with races 3 + 4 of the ADAC Kart Masters.

Leinsweiler, 19.04.2018 - Text: Joachim Gregor
KART EUROSERIES 2018 - 1 ROUND - March 22nd to 25th 2018 - Salbris / France

Last week, at the CIRCUIT INTERNATIONAL DE SALBRIS / France about 200km south of Paris, the top elite of European karting, met for the first race of IAME EUROSERIES.

53 starters from 15 countries have signed up for the Junior class, including Daniel GREGOR / Team ADAC Pfalz / ZINNER.

In cold, changeable weather conditions the training was started on Thursday. Daniel Gregor was the only German to recommend himself on Thursdays with his times for a TopTen place. That was then on Friday to implement in qualifying, this was unfortunately not. Through a chain of wrong decisions, Daniel GREGOR was forced into a serious accident that led to premature departure for health reasons.

The traffic light at the paddock pit exit is set to permanent green at the start of the time training. Every driver is free to use the track at any time. In Salbris, this leads directly into the ideal line on the start and finish straight. Furthermore, in international karting, the "cat and mouse game" has prevailed, meaning that nobody wants to drive first and play the mouse. That means the drivers drive full throttle out of the pit lane and slow down a lot again on the track! This is what happens in time training. Daniel Gregor comes in his lap with full throttle on the start and finish straight as a crowd of about 10 drivers from the pit exit flows, the 1 goes full on the brakes all behind scissors wild and Daniel collides at full speed with a fully braking driver. The result was a multiple rollover and the termination of the time training. After a first care in the medical center on the racetrack, it was soon clear that the TEAM must cancel the event prematurely. The race management has drawn consequences and then controlled the pit exit! There will be new rules for the next race! We are curious!?

Daniel GREGOR is now under medical and physiotherapeutic care. The planned tests this week in Ampfing are canceled, a load test next week will decide on the start of the ADAC KART MASTERs in Ampfing. The dominant rider in Salbris over the entire weekend was Spaniard Mari Boya - Team Kids to Win (who already won the Winter Cup in Valencia). In the overall result, he was but only second behind the Englishman Lewis Gilbert (KR-Sport). Of the 4 German drivers, only one came in as the 30th in the final.

Leinsweiler, 28.03.2018 - Text: Joachim Gregor
From March 8 to 11, 2018, 37 pilots from 10 countries met in Mariembourg / Belgium on the "KARTING DES FAGNES" racetrack in the class X30Junior for the first race of the IAME SERIES BENELUX. Also included is Daniel GREGOR from the ADAC TEAM PFALZ / TeamZinner. From Thursday to Sunday morning, the weather, cold, rain, challenged the racers a lot. In qualifying, Daniel GREGOR took 12th place in the front third. In the qualifying race Daniel drove into the Top Ten, 1st heat = 9th place / 2nd home = 7th place. A later 10 sec. Time penalty then led him to the 13th place in the final. Just in time for the final, the sun came and dried off the racetrack. This gave a clear advantage for the starters from Benelux who knew the circuit and now knew exactly how to vote in the dry. So then 11 drivers with home advantage were among the first 15th placed. Daniel GREGOR crossed the finish line in 15th position after many position battles.

"... since I have never driven on the track in the dry, I had the first few laps problems in the final with dry track to drive the speed of the leaders in the second half of the race then I was faster and could top ten times drive, there was the tip but already too far away! If it rains in May at the EUROSERIE race in Mariembourg, then I had a very good training for it !! "

This week's Thursday / Friday test rides will take place in Salbris / France before the team returns to France for the first round of EUROSERIE in Salbris next Wednesday (21st-25th March 2018). The races will be televised live on

Leinsweiler, 13.03.2018 - Text: Joachim Gregor
IAME Winter Cup 2018 / Valencia - Spain

From the 7th to the 11th of February 2018, the X30 top riders from 21 countries met in Europe for the first international showdown at the Kartodromo Internacional Lucas Guerro near Valencia / Spain.
In junior class there are 48 riders. Three German riders, including reigning ADAC Master winner Daniel GREGOR from Team Zinner, freshly equipped with a driver contract from the ADAC PFALZ.
About time training and three qualifying races, the drivers had to fight for the 34 grid positions in the final. Despite technical difficulties (carburetor) in the 2 Qulifikationsrennen Daniel GREGOR could qualify as the only German for the final on Sunday.

GREGOR: ".... that was a difficult week, we came to Spain with completely new cars (KartRepublic) and the weather, very cold, rain, snowfall, did not allow any reasonable tests, under the conditions and in the strong competition I am happy that I have reached the final and that I am not satisfied with the final 26th place: I have to improve myself until the start of the EUROSERIE at the end of March in France, but for the first time I am going to Mariembourg / Belgium on the 9th of March. Run of the IAME BENELUX Championship. " Leinsweiler, 25.02.2018 - Text: Joachim Gregor
02. February 2018 And of course I am pleased that the Michael ZINNER as my team boss 2018 wants to continue to do kart racing with me !!!
02. February 2018 I welcome Rick the KINDEREN (the Flying Dutchman) as my new mechanic and I look forward to the good cooperation!
January 28, 2018 I would like to thank my mechanic Stefan FÜHR for the successful cooperation in 2017 and I wish him every success in the future in race cars.
January 28, 2018 We will be driving 2018 with IAME X30J comet engines from tuner FAE!
January 20, 2018 The TEAM ZINNER is now exclusively working for me!
January 28, 2018 We have changed the vehicle manufacturer and are now driving 2018 -KART REPUBLIC!